AMT is a family-run business, and Auckland Machine Tool's flair for technological manufacturing solutions marries their deep respect for hard work and tenacity, with a sharp eye for technological developments. Their state-of-the-art machines from Mazak in Japan are optioned to suit the customer's requirements and are uniquely-programmed with Mazatrol Fusion 640 Control for the special needs of their New Zealand clients.

The Mazak ingenuity is in their "Done-In-One" concept. Founder of AMT, Dion Nayler illustrates this by holding up a difficult component that was first brought to him in the hope of it being engineered in four parts. AMT and Mazak exceeded expectations by doing it in one. Many of the parts on display in their office are all now "done in one" by Mazak machines. A big part of their job satisfaction lies in working out how to simplify down these engineering procedures, and son Brent Nayler admits one half of his brain is constantly concentrating on project specifics.

The Mazak technology has got to a point now, where a client can set up the machine then take off for the day, dial up a number from their mobile phone and monitor the condition of the machine in real time.

The Mazak Ebot 720 is a machine in production that can work for 720 hours continuously unmanned and they have the technology available now to program a fully-automated factory. To stay at the forefront of their industry, Mazak Japan employ 150 Research and Development engineers specifically focused on developing new models. When they are developing a new machine model, the engineers live on site until the project segment is finished. These machines make everything from simple product components, to complex Tools and dies for the plastics industry. There are many other applications for which we can provide Mazak machines with up to 9 axis control.

However Mazak have a very strong Entry Level Machine range, the "Nexus" Series with equally strong Machine Features and Mazatrol Programming is standard.
With the New Nexus CNC Turning Centers and Machining Centers, it has opened up many new opportunities to supply smaller Companies Mazak Technology at an affordable price.
This coupled with our partnership with a local finance Company offering flexible terms, means Mazak is now a smart Investment.

Our increased Sales with the Nexus range with many customers coming back within 6-10 months buying additional Nexus machines is testament to this.

Dion Nayler began his career as an engineer in the 1970s within a small firm. He had and still has, nothing short of a devout belief and awe of technology. In fact he shifted jobs several times during the 70s to ensure he was with the company that kept most abreast of technology. At one point he worked as a salesman for the original New Zealand agent, who in 1978 sent him on a 6-week training course to Mazak headquarters in Japan. When he came back, fueled with the possibilities of future technology, he was disappointed to realize, "my New Zealand bosses couldn't see what I could see". Once again, it was onwards and upwards.

In 1982 he got a call from Mazak Japan, asking if he'd be interested in becoming their NZ agent. He immediately left his job, borrowed $5000 and opened up his first office in Glen Eden (they've since moved to Penrose). He bought his first fax machine, which in those days cost him a whopping $5300 but was "still the best investment I ever made". Dion holds up a nozzle from a fireman's hose and quips, "this part is pretty difficult to describe over the phone". As his second-best investment, he cites "the brick", the mobile phone (costing a mere $3200 in those days) that he used to hide under his car seat, because in those days "only yuppies walked around holding their bricks". However, this soberingly-priced phone was to prove a vital ingredient in his business as a sole salesman on the road, his only technical advice available in Japan.

Dion's journey hasn't been without its bumps and detours. He admits with a laugh that he'd probably make more money manufacturing and selling the parts that his machines create, than importing and programming the machines themselves. In 1986 during a major economic downturn in New Zealand, he went through difficult times which made it almost impossible to continue.

Mazak responded with an airline ticket to Japan for Dion, where he met with Mazak executives who agreed to buy shares in his business. Auckland Machine Tools was back on the road again with Rock solid support from Mazak shows the relationship he has with them.
The fact that he inspired such loyalty and generosity from his customers and suppliers, says a lot about Dion and his business. Dion is typically humble when I suggest this. He describes his company foundation as one of "hard work".

In the mid 1980s, a visiting Japanese MAZAK Director was introduced to Dion's son Sean, also an engineer. He enquired as to why Sean wasn't working in the family business. Mazak pride themselves on being a family-run business and the rep offered to send Sean over to their Kentucky plant in the United States to do a two-year apprenticeship. A few years later, Brent, his other son (also an engineer) joined the business too and his wife Shirley works onsite as the company secretary. What are the advantages of working as a family? Dion says, "We work as a team and no-one is checking their watch at 5 pm, saying it's time to go home!"

"It's team work. We always say, ‘we are interested in your second machine‘, because if they're not happy with the first one they won't come back". This emphasis on service obviously works for them-one of their clients has purchased over 20 machines from them over the years, all of which are serviced by the AMT engineers.

What makes their machines stand out in such a competitive market? Dion emphasizes high-end quality and the nature of their partnership with Mazak Japan. He considers them "a great company; the biggest in the world of its kind, and a family business".

As for the future of these machines, the possibilities are exciting.



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